Famous Coin Replica Series – The Coin That Built the Parthenon

During the fifth aeon B.C. the ciity-state of Athens was a baton of the age-old world. In 480 B.C. the absolute temple of Athena was destroyed by the Persians. Athens appointed 5,000 argent talents from Delian League to accounts architectonics projects including the rebuilding of the Athenean temple on the Acropolis. In 447 BC Pericles started architectonics of the new temple, the Parthenon. Dedicated to Athena, its name a lot of acceptable comes from a bronze of Athena Parthenos, housed in the temple. Surrounded by a colonnade, the capital allowance independent the bronze of Athena adorned with abate statues depicting Athena’ life.

The marble Parthenon is an archetype of Doric architectonics and Ionic architectural features. The ambit of the abject of the architectonics are 228 anxiety continued and 101.4 anxiety wide. The exoteric columns are 6.2 anxiety in bore and 34.1 anxiety high. The Parthenon amount 469 argent talents to build. Translated into 2010 prices, one aptitude of argent is according to 82.25 pounds or 1199.479 troy ounces. With atom argent at $17.36 USD, one argent aptitude is account $20,822.9554 USD. Therefore, the Parthenon amount $9,765,966.08 = (469 talents x $20,822.9554).

Athens produced an astronomic affair of one accurate argent bread to accounts architectonics of the Parthenon. A ample 42 gram argent deckadrachm was struck. The antipode of the deckadrachm shows the the arch of Athena adverse larboard cutting a crested helmet with two olive leaves and a floral scroll. (Athena was the angel goddess of Athens.) The about-face shows an owl continuing facing, wings advance with an olive accept in high left; chat ‘Athens’ on lower right.; all the antipode is aural an incuse square. The owl aswell represents the city-state of Athens. The Deckadrachm was issued from 467 to 465 B.C. (Sear 2516.) Today, beneath than as than thirty aboriginal deckadrachms exist. Ten are endemic by museums and clandestine collectors. The Turkish government owns 20 of these deckadrachms.

Although this acclaimed bread is actual rare, acknowledged reproductions of the Athenean deckadrachm are available. These reproductions are either addled from authentic argent or casting in lead-free pewter copies.. In accordance with the Hobby Protection Act of 1973, the chat COPY is addled on the antipode of these acknowledged reproductions. Today the deckadrachm and the Parthenon abide the finest examples of Greek art and architectonics in the age-old world.